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A Tale of Two Sisters: Smartick Math


Melissa is an Iowa mom to two girls who recently started using Smartick to enhance their math education. Her girls had different feelings towards the subject, but they both seem to enjoy the features in Smartick. You can read the full tale on her blog, Rolling Prairie.

This is how Katie and Addie felt before using the program:

  • Katie LOVES math and has enjoyed another (free) math app occasionally when the mood strikes her. I fully expected her to LOVE Smartick.
  • Addie is more reluctant when it comes to math, but she does love her screen time! I thought having a new game on the ipad would be motivating for her.

As it turns out, Smartick’s artificial intelligence was able to identify both their needs and provide the practice they needed to keep them motivated and engaged.


As a parent, this is what Melissa loved the most about Smartick math:

  • I LOVED that the girls had to do their math session before they could play in their virtual world. It was a strong motivator to get them interested in playing each day. Since Smartick is built on consistency, I appreciated this!
  • The parental controls were easy to set up. I let my girls “friend” each other but no one else. I could see that it would be fun to trade gifts and communicate with classmates or cousins who were also using the app.
  • I was glad to see a variety of skills covered in each session (and in the tutorial section as well), including concepts not covered in our curriculum. Addie loved the problem-solving questions presented at the end of her turn. For a child who leans toward not liking math, she certainly enjoyed watching the extra tutorials and playing math games after completing her main lesson.
  • Smartick’s communication is top-notch. I received an immediate e-mail after each girl’s session with feedback about speed and accuracy. They also have a support team available via their website. It’s clear to me that the founders have a desire to see children be successful with the app and fall in love with math.

You can enjoy Smartick’s free trial whenever you’re ready. Visit our website to learn more!

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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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