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More Insights From a Leading Education Expert

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September is here! For many, this means the end of summer and back to school. Of course, there are kids whose academic term is already well underway. At Smartick, the summer holidays have come and gone and we are excited to see what this fall brings. Particularly, to kick off this month with a breath of fresh air, we wanted to circle back to one of the leading education experts out there – Dr. Barbara Oakley.

In fact, Dr. Oakley was the feature of our mini-series that we released a few months back. The series consisted of several videos shedding light on some insights from the very only. Today, we wanted to take advantage of the back to school season to highlight some of her tips to help you get started on the right foot, whether you’ve just started school, or to keep the momentum going for those who have already been back in session for some time.

Screen Time: To limit or Not?

In the third video of our series, the leading expert on education touches on screen time. Many parents often debate whether they should limit the amount of time their children work with digital devices. There’s a wide spectrum in regards to the idea of screen time: some don’t see it as an issue, others are acutely aware and restrict it, and there are those who try to find a balance between its usage and limitations. Wherever you fall on the range, we think parents can’t argue that the quality of screen time is important. Not all screen time is created equal. Uncover what Dr. Oakley sees as the tradeoffs to screen time. Do you agree?

Language and Math are Related?

Picking up a new language when you’re an adult is not the easiest task. Understanding the intricacies of the grammar, learning new vocabulary, and perfecting the accent at 10 years old isn’t the same at 40. This same idea can be applied to math. We believe the younger you start, the more prepared children will be. Have you ever heard someone say,¨I really regret practicing math at a young age¨? We haven’t! Hear what Dr. Oakley has to say about learning languages while you are young and what it has to do with math.

Ideal Approach to Math?

Did you know that the leading education expert hated math and science as a young child? We’re sure there are many children (and adults) out there who can relate. But how did she excel in her studies to ultimately become a professor of Engineering at Oakland University and become a NY Times best-selling author, feats that definitely included math in the trajectory? The answer is simple: practice. Dr. Oakley shares her fears about how math is taught in today’s classroom and discover what she believes to be an ideal approach to learning the subject.

Have these videos left you curious about what other insights shared earlier in the mini-series? Don’t fret. You can discover more here!

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