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Smartick Helping Families and Children with Special Education Needs

Special education needs
This is Aodhan smiling with his Smartick certificate of achievement! So adorable!

Today we are sharing our interview with Sybil Lane. This Georgia mom and her son Aodhan came across Smartick at the beginning of the year and have been using it ever since! Sybil tells us how Smartick’s short daily math sessions can be helpful (and fun!) for children on the autism spectrum and children with special education needs.

How hard (or easy) was to start using Smartick?

It was easy for us to start Smartick. We began by taking advantage of the free trial. Aodhan enjoyed Smartick so much we knew we needed to continue.

Do you think it helps Smartick is based on short daily sessions of 15 minutes?

The short lessons definitely help Aodhan be successful with his math lessons.

How would you say Aodhan has improved since he began doing his math with our program?

With our old program, it was a long traditional curriculum that he found boring and frustrating. Since we switched to using Smartick, he enjoys doing his math lessons.

Does he complete his daily sessions by himself?

I usually sit with Aodhan during his lessons and offer explanations and guidance when he finds something difficult to understand.

What’s his favorite part? And yours, as a mom?

Aodhan loves earning ticks. He just earned enough to buy a pet dragon, which was a big deal for him!
I like Smartick because it tracks what Aodhan learns, sends me updates on what he has been doing, and progress. I love it because being on Smartick is an enjoyable math experience for Aodhan. No more tears!

Would you recommend Smartick to other children on the autism spectrum?

Yes and I have! Why? I recommend Smartick for children on the autism spectrum because it is short, engaging and motivating. The lessons are just the right amount of time to keep them interested. They engage the student quickly with fun activities using blocks and colorful pictures. Also, the feature of reading the words to the student is great! My son loves the motivation of earning ticks and diplomas when he completes lessons. He owns virtual pets that are fun!

Does he enjoy the Virtual World?

He loves the Virtual World. He likes the competitions! He learned to skip count by 3’s using the Smartick Competitions! He loves shopping in the virtual shop. As I mentioned, his latest pet is a dragon and he also has a yellow dog! He has a collection of toys, like robots, that he enjoys seeing in his virtual bedroom. He just upgraded his house to a pool house too. It is really fun for him. He enjoys the game section. His favorite game is the ‘Where’s the Wolf’ game!

You seem to spend a lot of time outdoors. How does Smartick fit into that routine/ lifestyle?

Spending 15 minutes a day on Smartick is easy. We can do a lesson early in the morning, after lunch, or in the evening. Since we downloaded the app to our tablet, we can do a lesson anywhere we have WiFi or cellular service.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Sybil & Aodhan. Smartick is designed for every child ages 4-14, no matter if they are gifted, if they have special education needs, if they struggle at school, or like math a lot and want to learn more. Try our free trial at Smartick and see for yourself!

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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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