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Parent Blogger Creates Math Practice Incentives with Smartick

Erinn Sluka’s son is in 3rd grade and does well in math, but like any student, he could always use some extra math practice. (At Smartick we’re all about the math practice!) Erinn recently signed her son up for Smartick and wrote a blog post about the experience for her site “Parenting Healthy.”

In addition to the “ticks” that kids earn which they can use to purchase virtual rewards, parents can build custom incentives into their child’s math program. Erinn’s son earns points that he can use to do things like build and furnish a virtual house in Smartick. Erinn created her own rewards. In Smartick’s parent control panel, she had the option to set rewards like “movie time” or “your choice of dinner.”

math practice

These rewards, along with the ability for her son to use the rewards in Smartick’s virtual setting, create a positive environment for learning. He’s engaged and eager to practice math.

math practice

Meanwhile, with access to Smartick’s detailed parent dashboard and parent mobile app, Erinn is able to monitor her son’s math performance metrics. She can review his study plan and schedule more personalized rewards at any time. The online nature of the program allows her to view these reports at any time via email or through the mobile app.

Erinn also found Smartick’s short daily sessions were short enough to keep her son interested in and enjoying math, and prevent him from getting bored or frustrated.

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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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