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A Math Program My Kids Love!

Being a mom is a busy gig, especially if you have 5 children to look after! Kristi, from B Hive Online, tells us how Smartick helped her with her routine, and enabled her to give her kids a challenging activity that they could work on independently, while she was spending very much needed one on one time with each of her 5 kids.

“I found the answer with the Smartick Method, Computer Math Program.”

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In her own words:

“In my eight years of homeschooling, what I have always found the most challenging is keeping everyone busy while I’m working one on one with one of them. It has always been a struggle during that time to either let them play mess or give them un-challenging busy work just to ensure they stay out of my hair! For years, I’ve been looking for something they could do on their own, yet would be challenging enough it was working their brain muscles and teaching them new concepts… Oh, and fun! Something that they looked forward to doing and not something they rushed through just to have some free time while mom was tied up. It appears  I found the answer with the Smartick Method, Computer Math Program.”

Her favorite feature of the program is Smartick’s emphasis on mental calculation and algebra. Smartick also develops problem-solving and critical thinking skills with logic exercises that help children improve both reasoning skills and reading comprehension.

Do you think Smartick could be a good fit for your family? Why not give it a try? You can now register for our free trial and enjoy full access to the program. You can add as many children as you like under your account. No credit card required. Click here to learn more!

Let the fun with math begin!

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