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How Can Smartick Motivate Children with Math?

At Smartick, we want our students to learn as well as be motived to keep on learning math. We’ve already talked to you about gamification in other entries and about the changes that were introduced in order to motivate children.

The North American psychologist, A. Maslow, believes that motivation is an impulse that humans have in order to cover the pyramid of our necessities:MOTIVATE CHILDREN

At Smartick, we try to “attack” the last two steps: esteem and self-realization. By using sequenced content, which allows children to work at their maximum capacity level, we ensure that students face just the right kind and amount of challenge. This builds up their self-esteem and security. Students see themselves able to solve problems that they once believed to be unsolvable.

A student does a 15-minute session and receives immediate feedback after each exercise. This feedback allows them to check the answer. After, they can understand how to solve the problem while accumulating points that they’ll be able to use later on in the Virtual World store.

The good thing about Smartick is that it works with a slow and adapted progression and that it teaches math from lots of points of views. It’s fantastic. Those of us who have studied Humanities need it; working with numbers is more and more important each day, everything is math. This is why I think that math should be taught with motivation. Frustration won’t work here.” –María, mother of Alex, an 8-year-old Smartick student.

Once there’s self-realization and self-awareness, the student is up for new challenges, and looks for them. In the Virtual World, students can play with their avatar and personal room and compete with others in pursuit of new challenges. This is, for us, a direct result of motivation and self-security that they have, without doubt, that’s in line with the last step Maslow’s pyramid.

It’s been a wonderful change, especially in my child that has ADHD. The grades went from C to A- or A and it’s been a source of self-esteem which even pushed him to participate in a school play, something that I never thought he would do. For me, Smartick has turned my life around by 180 degrees, as well as the academic life of my son.” –Mariana, mother of two Smartick children, one of them with ADHD.

If you want to test out Smartick for your child free so that they can be motived to learn math, don’t hesitate to create an account.

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Fun is our brain’s favorite way of learning
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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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