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Review and Practice the Two Methods of Dividing Fractions

Do you remember a previous post where we looked at two methods for dividing fractions? Review by clicking here. In today’s post, we are going to solve exercises involving dividing fractions with the two methods. You can use the one that you like the most!

Afterward, you can practice with the exercises we recommend at the end of this post to make sure that you understand how to divide fractions.  

Let’s go! 

Dividing Fractions Method 1:

dividing fractions

To divide these two fractions, we should multiply the numerator of the first fraction (3) by the denominator of the second fraction (9) and write the result in the numerator of the resulting fraction.

Next, multiply the denominator of the first fraction (5) by the numerator of the second fraction (10) and write the result in the denominator of the resulting fraction.

dividing fractions

Now we simplify the fraction. 30 and 45 are multiples of 15 so we divide both numbers by 15 and are we are left with the simplified fraction.

dividing fractions

Here we have another example:

dividing fractions

Dividing Fractions Method 2:

dividing fractions

Continuing with the same example from before, now we invert the second fraction: we write the numerator where the denominator is and the denominator where the numerator is. And we change the division of fractions into a multiplication.

dividing fractions

After this point, the steps are the same as before.

dividing fractions

Here is the same example that we have used before but solved with method 2:

dividing fractions

Read more about division and the simplification of fractions from previous posts below:

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