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Learn the Different Types of Angles with 9 Smartick Exercises

In today’s post we’re going to look at a series of exercises that will help us to learn the difference between types of angles depending on their measurements. All the exercises in this entry are ones we use in Smartick, to teach our students about the different types of angles that exist.

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Once we’ve reminded ourselves what an angle is and what types of angles there are, we can start working on the exercises.

Types of angles exercise 1

We’ll start with exercises that require us to select the figures with angles that meet the condition posed by the statement. By doing this, we’ll learn the difference between angles less than 90º, greater than 90º or equal to 90º.

types of angles

Exercise 2

These types of exercises require us to do the same as the previous example, but working directly with angles.

types of angles

Exercise 3

In these exercises, we need to identify the name of the angle represented in the image.

types of angles

Exercise 4

Once again, we’re going to do the same as in the previous example but this time working directly without the image.

types of angles

Exercise 5

These exercises give the definition of types of angles and we have to choose the name of the angle that it refers to.

types of angles

Exercise 6

Here we need to select the definitions of the types of angles mentioned in the statement.

types of angles

Exercise 7

Once we know the definition of each type of angle, we can perform the following exercises. These require us to identify the objects that have the angle mentioned in the statement.

types of angles

Exercise 8

These exercises involve the same process as the previous example, but without the images.

types of angles

Exercise 9

Finally, we have these type of exercises in which we must identify the types of angles that are mentioned in the statement from several different measurements.

types of angles

I hope this sequence of exercises has helped you to differentiate the different types of angles.

If you want to practice with exercises like this, or learn more about geometry, log in to Smartick and try it for free!

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