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Math Curveballs and Home Runs



Smartick mom and blogger Ashley initially planned to homeschool her three children. As we all know, life throws us curveballs and things change. Plans don’t play out accordingly. Instead, Ashley enrolled her children in their local school. Back to school didn’t mean “hands off” with their education. She wanted to stay involved in their educational growth by encouraging and challenging them outside of the classroom. With that said, Smartick math ended up being the perfect solution.

We understand that schedules don’t always start off as planned, and Ashley’s Smartick experience didn’t prove any different. Particularly, the transition from homeschool and back to public school, mixed with holidays, initially made getting into the Smartick groove challenging. However, once Ashley and her sons got into the swing of things, she found her sons asking to work on their math sessions as soon as they arrived home from school every afternoon.

Ashley’s 9-year-old son finds math at school a breeze, so Smartick helps push him to his limit, even if he works on content above his grade level. He finds the sessions challenging, now having to pause and think through the exercises. As for his 4-year-old brother, mom sees the change in his math skills while growing confidence. The young learner is steadily mastering the critical math foundations necessary for the future.

The transition from homeschool to public school didn’t mean Ashely was cut off from her children’s education. When life threw Ashley a curveball, she adjusted to the change. She found Smartick and from there, it was a home run.

Why not give your child the academic advantage? You can try Smartick for your family today. Register for the free trial here!

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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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