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Online Math Fun with Smartick, a Review from Adventures in Homeschooling


One of the best things that we, here at Smartick, love to hear is when children experience a newfound love and excitement towards math through our program! Tawnee, a mother of four and homeschooling mama, has shared her experience with Smartick on her blog, Adventures In Homeschooling.

Tawnee shares on her review: “Our oldest has struggled with finding a curriculum that works for her and my son can breeze through any math curriculum and be great…”. So when she discovered Smartick and read about the adaptability features of the program, she thought why not give it a try!

“What we found was – they both LOVE Smartick! What? I couldn’t believe it!”

One of Tawnee’s favorite aspects of the program: “There is a function that allows the problems, most problems, to be read to the student. This was VERY important to us as my son is a very beginning reader and doesn’t want to READ during math time so having the option to have the problems read to him is important.” Smartick is recommended for young children, starting at age 4. So it is important for our younger students who can’t read yet, or are early readers feel comfortable when they complete their daily session.

Her children even did Smartick problems in their free time! Overall, Tawnee was happy to share with her readers that “Smartick has been a win for us all around!”

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