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What Are Boolean Operators and Their Types

Robby’s laboratory is an activity within Smartick Coding that is used to teach concepts about the use of variables, input, output, and different types of data in programming.

In the laboratory, we can find data that are numbers, shapes, or letters, but we can also find new data there, such as Boolean operators.

What are Boolean Operators?

Boolean operators are data that can only have two values. This is because it represents binary logic values and is usually be displayed with data that is True or False.

Now that you know what booleans operators are, you may be wondering where the strange name came from. Well, a British mathematician by the name of George Boole invented Boole Algebra and he is also considered one of the founders of the computer science field.

To make this concept of boolean operators easier to understand, Robby’s laboratory represents it in a very simple way: a lightbulb. Which, as you know, only has two possible states, on or off.

Boolean operators in Smartick Coding.

This activity appears in the advanced levels of Smartick Coding sessions when children are familiarized with concepts like programming variables.

One of the values in Robby’s laboratory is that the instructions that a child needs to use to solve the Mission are similar to the instructions a programmer needs to write code.

In these boolean exercises children are asked to complete various objectives like delivering all of the data turned on or turned off, or delivered in a predetermined sequence (on, off, on, off). They are also going to complete missions where they will have to use Conditionals or understand boolean logic which they previously worked on in the exercises with the Tubes using the NOT, AND, OR operators.

Some Types of Boolean Operators

Logic operators or conditionals could be:

  • Denial: It is NOT fulfilled.
  • Conjugation: One thing AND another is fulfilled.
  • Disjunction: One thing OR another is fulfilled.

They are fundamental operators in programming along with logical comparison operators. These operators are used to compare two variables or expressions and get a true or false value.

Boolean operators in Smartick Coding with Logic Operators.
In Smartick Coding children work with logic operators in the Tube activities.

Videos with Examples of Boolean Operators

Boolean operator activities in Smartick Coding increase in difficulty as children progress through the levels. At first, they will only be asked to Modify the State of the lightbulbs based on whether they are turned on or off.


Later, in more complex missions, they will have to use logic operators with the idea of performing combinations of conditionals. They will be asked to deliver the lightbulbs to the Output turned on or off based on whether or not they fulfill the conditional that is set in the word problem.

Transversal Competencies in Smartick Coding

Mistakes are part of learning, the important thing is to learn from them and keep trying. That is why Smartick Coding continues to strengthen frustration tolerance and adaptability. At the start of each session, we have also included messages to reinforce these skills.

Other transversal competencies that they will work on or practice when they complete their Coding sessions are problem-solving, breaking down problems, creativity, spatial vision, action planning, active listening, and reading comprehension. As well as a critical attitude towards self-improvement and concentration.

Transversal Competencies in Smartick Coding

Coming Soon to Smartick Coding …

New surprises are coming to expand knowledge and fun in Robby’s laboratory, as well as the new CodingLand – a special Virtual World, especially for Coding. Keep your eyes peeled for new additions! 

We hope that all children who do Smartick enjoy Robby’s new adventure and when they get to solve missions in the laboratory they can say that they already know what boolean operators are and how they work in programming and many other concepts.

Ah! And don’t give up, it’s always worth the effort.

If you would like to continue learning about mathematics, programming, and much more log on to Smartick to register and try it for free.

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