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How to Support Learning Mathematics for 4 Year Olds

Mathematics for 4 Year Olds

Mathematics forms a part of our life practically from the time that we are born. From the time we are very young, without evening realizing, we participate in all types of activities that aid in the development and construction of mathematical thinking.

Humans are born with the fundamental sense of quantity.” – James Geary

Presenting challenges and games to little ones that include the development of mathematical abilities is very simple. They learn to dress, put on their shoes, set the table, clean their room, or play with dice. When we give them the opportunity to carry out a household activity we also give them a boost in their responsibility.

When it is time to set the table, clean their room, or help make dinner, we manage to make the final activity more important for them. What better option than taking advantage of routines and responsibility activities to reinforce mathematics?

Starting to count is usually the first step in the teaching-learning process for 4 year olds and creates the link in one to one correspondence. For example, the number of body parts and pieces of clothing they need to get dressed, or the number of glasses they need according to members of the family when setting the table.

Day to day life is full of opportunities to help our children grow and learn new things. The most beautiful thing is to find, discover, and know how to take advantage of them, this way we can enjoy their learning.

You only learn what you love. And what we love is what motivates us, what wakes up our curiosity.” – Alma Gil Navas

Are there other techniques to help with mathematics for 4 year olds?

Mathematics for 4 year olds can also be addressed with help from digital devices, like tablets and computers. There is an abundance of teaching resources for mathematics but the majority do not adapt to the rhythm or needs of each child.

Mathematics for 4 Year Olds

The Smartick method, designed for children ages 4 – 14, works with the youngest children on counting and cardinal numbers. Then continues to introduce the names of numbers and little by little going through the sequences and comparisons. Additionally, through the use of Artifical Intelligence, it adapts, exercise by exercise, to the rhythm and ability of each child, proposing different activities to each one.

Mathematics for 4 Year Olds

So, with 15 minute daily sessions, 10 minutes for the younger ones, they naturally incorporate mathematics into their day to day lives. At the end of the session, they can continue working on memory, attention, reasoning, and perception with games in the Virtual World.

If you would like to try Smartick with your children, do not hesitate to register for a free trial. The Smartick method is available for tablets and computers in both English and Spanish.

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Smartick is a fun way to learn math
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