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How to Identify Open and Closed Polygons

In today’s post we will take a look at open and closed polygons.
But first, we need to know what polygons are: polygons are several straight segments placed together.
Polygons can be classified as open or closed.

  • A polygon is open when the segments do not all connect at the beginning and end. That is, if we draw the polygon starting at one point, we finish drawing at a different point.

This is an example of an open polygonal line:polygons

  • A polygon is closed when the segments do connect at the beginning and end. That is, you start to draw the line at a point and finish at the same point.

This is an example of a closed polygon:


Do you already know how to identify open and closed polygonal lines?

I encourage you to try to identify whether the following polygons are open or closed. Farther down you will find the answers.













Have you tried to solve the previous activity? Here are the answers:

1. Open

2. Closed

3. Open

4. Open

5. Closed

6. Closed

How did the activity go for you? If you’ve done well, it is because you know what open and closed polygonal lines are.

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