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Lost Objects: The New SmartickBrain Game to Train Attention

Cognitive Training Games in SmartickBrain

If you are part of the Smartick family I’m sure that you are familiar with SmartickBrain, the cognitive training platform designed to improve memory, reasoning, attention, and flexibility. Children can access it after their daily 15-minute session and parents can access it at any time from the Parent Page.

SmartickBrain is the result of years of research and, like Smartick, it is updated every five weeks with improvements and new content. Today we are going to present Lost Objects, a game in the Virtual World designed to train attention and memory.


Lost Objects

Clicky has lost some objects and we need to help her find them. To carry out this mission we are activating and training different cognitive processes. Let’s see which ones, step by step.

  • At the beginning, Clicky shows us the objects that she has lost. We should try to remember as many as we can! Hint: we can use different memorization strategies in order to remember the objects. For example, say the names of the objects out loud or create a mental image of the screen. The important thing is to pay as close attention as possible because we only have 10 seconds in order to memorize the objects.

Train Attention

  • When the screen with the objects disappears, we are ready to start the search. This activates a cognitive ability that is very important in learning: working memory. In fact, we must remember what is in our mind (the objects) and at the same time use it for another task (search for objects). When scanning the landscape you have to be very careful because some objects look a lot like what Clicky has lost but are not the same. For example, in the image below, some hats are dark brown and others are light brown, which belong to Clicky? The ability to look only at relative information without getting distracted is known as inhibitory control and is considered a central process of executive attention.

  • And what happens if we start searching but we cannot remember what we need to look for? No problem! We have the option to see the missing objects but with one condition. This will activate a timer and now we only have 90 seconds left to find all of the lost objects.


This game has different levels to adapt to the specific abilities of each child. In fact, as their ability improves the number of items will increase as the time to find them will decrease. Are you ready for the challenge? Try this and other games to train attention and memory in Smartick’s Virtual World!

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