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Montessori Cards to Learn Units, Tens and Hundreds

The Montessori method was created by Maria Montessori and a large part of her method is facilitating the interaction between children and their reality. In other words, to get them in contact with it by observing, manipulating, and organizing. Ultimately to have them learn from their own experience.

Among the main characteristics of the Montessori method are the freedom of choice and movement, both at the time of choosing and duration. As well as the promotion of autonomy, self-correction, and respect for the particular rhythm of each child.

Montessori Materials

To promote this learning through experience, Montessori encourages the use of manipulative materials and sensory stimulation. They help children learn the concepts in a concrete way before moving to abstraction. That way they come into contact with basic mathematical principles by converting a somewhat complex reality into simple and easy-to-assimilate elements.

Although we can find many materials like the Pink Tower, number bars, and Seguin tables, this time we will explain Montessori cards. A material that helps compose, break down (decompose) numbers and understand the decimal number system.

Montessori cards

These colored cards allow for the introduction of the decimal number system with units (from 1-9) in green, tens (from 10-90) in blue, hundreds (from 100-900) in yellow, and finally thousands (from 1000 to 9000) in red. This system allows them to identify each of the categories in an easy and enjoyable way.

Montessori cards

The interesting thing about this method is that it allows the child to understand the positional value of the numbers. If we have the number nine hundred forty-six, it is important for the child to understand that this number is made up of:

9 hundred: 900 units

4 tens: 40 units

6 units

In the same way, Montessori cards allow children to practice breaking down (decomposing) numbers. For example, to break down the number four thousand three hundred ninety-five, you must add the cards that represent:

4 thousand: 4000 units

3 hundred: 300 units

9 tens: 90 units

5 units

Montessori cards

To continue practicing with Montessori cards and other elementary math topics log on to Smartick and try it for free.

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