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How to Find the Absolute Value of a Number

In today’s post, we are going to learn how to calculate the absolute value of a number with help from some of the exercises that we have in Smartick.

The absolute value of a whole number coincides with its numerical value without having to think about the sign. It is represented with vertical bars around the number, like this: |x|

For example,|2| represents the absolute value of 2.

To calculate it, it is important to have some familiarity with the representation of integers on a number line. So if you would like to review a bit before we continue, I would recommend this previous post explaining how to place numbers on a number line.

It is also necessary to know how to calculate the opposite value of a number. It is a number that has the same value but opposite sign. For example:

  • The opposite value of 2 is -2
  • The opposite value of -2 is 2

Now We Will Look at How to Calculate the Absolute Value of a Number

  • When it is positive, the result will be the same number. For example, |5| = 5
  • When it is negative the result will be the opposite number. For example, |-3| = 3
  • When it is zero,|0| = 0

As you can see, it always takes a value greater than or equal to zero.

Furthermore, it represents the distance from the number 0. This is easy to see on a number line:

absolute value

Let’s look at some exercises to practice all of this, you’ll see how easy it is!

Easy Exercises

The first exercises that we have in Smartick are quite basic. They ask you to calculate the opposite and absolute value, in a written way and then symbolically.

absolute value

Comparison Exercises

We also have exercises where you are asked to compare two numbers, one of them being an absolute value.

Since |-9| = 9 and 9 < 27, then |-9| < 27

So we’ll have to select the “<“ option. Isn’t that easy?

More Difficult Comparison Exercises

Finally, we are going to look at some exercises where you are asked to compare two numbers, both of which are absolute values.

absolute value

Since |23| = 23, |-7| = 7 and 23 > 7, then |23| > |-7|

So we’ll have to select the “>” option. It is a bit more difficult but still easy, right?

Did you like these exercises? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments!

And as you know, if you would like to practice with more exercises like these, adapted to your level, login to Smartick and try it for free.

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