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Practice Solving Division Problems

In this post, we are going to learn to analyze, think about, and solve problems that require division: division problems. At Smartick, we want to emphasize the fact that you have to know how to solve any kind of math problem accurately. As a result, we are going to give you a variety of problems that require division to solve.

Division problems nº 1

In high school, some teachers had complained that there weren’t sufficient supplies, and as a result, they had to share 18 boxes of erasers equally among 9 classes. How many eraser boxes will each class receive?

This is the easiest type of division problem that we will come across. The problem tells us that there are 18 boxes and they want to split them into equal parts among nine classes.  When we talk about splitting into equal parts, we are talking about DIVISION:

18 ÷ 9 = 2

Each class will receive 2 boxes of erasers.

Division problems nº 2

My town has a water supply beside the big gardens on the tallest hill, to make sure there is enough water for the irrigation, but there are only 56 gallons of water currently in the supply. If it is all shared with the recipients, 8 liters to each one, how many recipients are supplied with water?

This problem is similar to the previous one. Again, you have to share the 56 gallons of water being divided among recipients, giving 8 liters to each one. Therefore, we have to DIVIDE:

56 ÷ 8 = 7

7 recipients will be supplied. 

Division problems nº 3

Like every Sunday morning, Richard and Catherine have gone out for a walk through the field. As they are used to playing sports, they go quickly and without stopping on their walk. Knowing that the walk lasts three hours, and that they walk 15 miles in total and that they have walked with seven people, calculate how fast they are walking (assuming they walk at a constant speed).

division problemsYou have to begin clarifying that the speed in this problem is measured in mi/hr (read as miles per hour), and it refers to the number of miles that are covered in one hour. The problem tells us that 15 miles are covered over three hours.  The fact that seven people walked it is not important for this problem. Therefore, if in 3 hours, they go 15 miles, how many miles will be covered in one hour? In order to find it, we have to DIVIDE:

15 ÷ 3 = 5

They walked at a rate of 5 mi/hr (5 mph).

Division problems nº 4

Raymond and I are saving to buy a game and giving it to Carmen for her birthday, which is coming up in 5 days. He has $9 and I already have $27. How many times more money have I saved than Raymond?

The verbiage of the problem can lead to confusion, so that “more” or “fewer” times can be interpreted as an addition or subtraction. In the case of this problem, they say that Raymond has gotten $9 and that I have $27 and they ask me how many times more I have saved than he has. Raymond has less money than me; therefore, the amount that he has ($9) multiplied by some number has to give a result of the money that I have ($27). Therefore, what we have to do is DIVIDE:

27 ÷ 9 = 3

I have saved 3 times more than Raymond.

And with this, we have finished how to solve one-operation problems: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems. If you want to learn a lot more math register in Smartick and try it for free!

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