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Geometric Shapes: Circle

We’ve already seen some of the main geometric shapes in earlier posts. In this post, we’re going to look more in-depth at the circle. A circle is a geometrical shape that is made by drawing a curve that always has the same distance from the point that we refer to as the center. In just […]

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Winnie Cooper, The Wonder Years and Math is Cool

It was the 80’s and many of my friends either had a crush on Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years or wanted to be Winnie Cooper. Today there’s a much wider variety of TV shows. TV is just better and certainly more plentiful than when we were kids. But our children will likely never know what […]

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What Is a Number? Learn to Count up to 9

What Is a Number? A number helps us represent and compare quantities without having the objects in front of us. Caesar and Gabriela will share a bag of candy: Caesar says he will eat the orange candies, so Gabriela will eat the green ones. Who will eat more candy? Let’s compare Caesar’s candy with Gabriela’s: […]

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I Look Like an Engineer

If there is anything certain in the debate about why there aren’t enough women in engineering and general sciences, it is that girls see too few role models in these fields. That is not to say that the availability of STEM role models is an issue that only affects girls (soccer stars and celebrities spend […]

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