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Do You Want to Learn Multiplication Tables Tricks?

In today’s post, we will talk about multiplication tables tricks. Usually, it can be a dense and complex issue because we have to memorize all the tables, sometimes using songs or rhymes helps to remember them more easily.

Here we are offering you a few multiplication tables tricks that make learning multiplication tables a more dynamic and fun task.

Basic multiplication operations to fill out multiplication tables (addition, double and half)

Let’s see an example with the Table for 2:

multiplication tables tricks

We have emptied a table for you to try any number, it can be 2 digits as well…

Try it! You will see how easy it is.

multiplication tables

Multiplication tables tricks of 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 on your hands

Using our fingers, we can complete several operations very easily, in this case, we will see how to get all the results with the tables for 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

First, we assign each finger on each hand a number from 6 to 10:

multiplication tables

Then we choose a multiplication that we want to perform, for example, 7 x 8, and place the fingers corresponding to these two numbers together:

multiplication tables

Now we will begin to find the result, first the number in the tens place:

multiplication tables

And now the single units which go in the ones place:

multiplication tables


Try it with another combination!!!

The multiplication table for 9 “up and down”

multiplication tables

Once we have joined them, we place the results in the table:

multiplication tables tricks

If this trick doesn’t seem easy to you or you do not have a paper and pencil to do it, there is another trick to do the whole 9 tables with your fingers:

9 multiplication table with your fingers

First, we list the fingers of the hand from 1 to 10:

multiplication tables


We are going to find how 9 x 7 equals.

We lower the finger that corresponds to 7


We count to finger 7 and we have the Tens place.

We count after finger 7 and we have the Ones place.

multiplication tables tricksAnd here are the tricks to have fun with multiplication tables, I hope that they have helped you and, above all, that you had learned!

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