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Learn the Criteria for the Divisibility of 5

In this post, we will learn the criteria for the divisibility of 5.  How can we know without having to do the division? Here we will show you the easiest way.

Criteria of dividing by 5:  To determine if a number is divisible by 5, that number must end in 0 or 5. If it ends with another number then it is not divisible by five.

For example:

Is 5,815 divisible by 5?

We look at the last number and it is 5, therefore, 5,815 is divisible by 5.

Another example:

Is 5,688 divisible by 5?

The last number is 8.  Since the number does not end in a 0 or 5, 5688 is not divisible by five.
Isn’t that easy?

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