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Math Problems: Selecting Relevant Information

In today’s post we’re going to take a look at a sequence of math problems in which we will focus on selecting the relevant data and concepts in the statement.

We’ll work on this skill using four exercises based on separate problems. The key is to reflect on the text, focusing on fulfilling the condition stipulated by the exercise.

As we’re going to look at them in sequence, the math problems are ordered from least difficult to most difficult. We’re going to explain the exercise and its benefits, but you’ll solve each problem. Let’s go!

Problem 1math problems

This is the easiest of the four, because practically any modification we make to the numerical data will change the original answer. Keep in mind that if we make more than one modification, we could end up with a result that doesn’t differ from the original. This is because it’s possible to get a certain number by performing the same operation with two different numbers. For example, we can get 24 by multiplying 12 x 2,  8 x 3, 6 x 4 or 24 x 1

Problem 2math problems

Let’s turn the difficulty up a notch with an exercise in which any of the data can be changed. However, the condition given by statement must be met. This reduces our ability to maneuver, although it remains broad since the final value is also a modifiable field. This allows us to adapt it to the data that we have changed.

Problem 3math problems

We’re going to continue with a slightly more complicated exercise. We are now required to change all modifiable data, so there are more variables to take into account. In this case, we don’t have such a large range of variables that allow us to solve the problem. This is because we now have to adjust the statement to match the final result required by the question. In this particular example, we don’t need to change anything, since the data we are presented with fulfills the requirements.

Problem 4math problems

Let’s take a look at this final exercise. It’s very similar to the previous one since we have to modify all the numerical data presented to us. The increase in complexity of the exercise comes from the fact that, this time, the answer is not given in advance. We must begin by solving the original problem to know what to expect when modifying the numerical values without changing the answer to the problem.

I hope this article has helped you realize how important it is to work on our ability to understand what each set of data means in math problems.

Now you know all about these math problems, why don’t you solve them yourself and leave your answer in the comments?

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