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Teaching Novelties at Smartick: Tables, Coordinates, and Fraction Problems

At Smartick, we improve on our math content every six or eight weeks with every version update. There is always something new to learn, there is always something new to teach. The pedagogical team is always thinking of and working with new content to make it easier for our Elementary students to learn math.

Today’s post will focus on the novelties that Smartick has to teach us.

We’re going to talk about three new things that we have here at Smartick and their importance in child development. They are the following:

  • Problems using data gathered from tables
  • Coordinate exercises
  • Fraction problems: addition and subtraction

Problems Using Data Gathered from Tables

Having taken into consideration the necessity classifying, organizing, and managing information in a society whose main motor is the flow of information, we amped up our word problems that use information gathered from tables. Thus, working with students’ skills in managing information is essential to working the multitude of ways of expressing information, practicing how to identify and set aside unnecessary information, organizing information according to its qualities, and applying it… Let’s look at some examples that encompass the use of a table that organizes data, the comprehension of information and finally, the design of it.

An example of a table-observation problem:

fraction problems

Example of a table-reading problem:

fraction problems

Example of a completing-table problem:

fraction problems

Coordinates Exercises

The new coordinate exercises were thought up to continue the idea of the previously introduced problems from the last update (click here to see them). We’re moving from table set-up to introducing the Cartesian axes to work on the bi-dimensionality of space, the orientation in that space and the implications it has.

fraction problems

fraction problems

Fraction Problems

Lastly, we’re introducing fraction word problems to relate adding and subtracting fractions to real-life context. These problems also teach situations where the fraction is a tool and they work on the diverse ways of expressing data. We’ll be working with numerical data in this case, given the analogy between fractions and divisions, and fractions and decimal numbers.

fraction problems

Discover more topics at Smartick, and don’t think twice about trying it out free and start improving your math today!

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    smartick is good for children and to learn Mathematics. I would like smartick to teach children to learn English.

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    Smartick is good for children