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Learn about educational games with Smartick. Here you will find posts about games to learn about playing.


Digital Games That Can Improve Mental Abilites

Digital Games That Can Improve Mental Abilites

When it comes to digital games, we all belong to one of these four groups – those who play as much as they can, those who avoid them completely in fear of getting hooked (yes, that’s me!), those who are completely lost when the conversation turns to Candy Crush, and finally, those who play sporadically. Whichever […]

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Do You Dare to Try and Solve this Math Riddle?

When we received this math puzzle, we shared it in the Whatsapp group we have for the whole Smartick team. When the answers started to come back, they were all different! Given that we have so many whizzes working here at Smartick (developers, mathematicians, physicists, engineers), it was surprising that it took so long to find the right […]

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