Smartick gives each child the content they need to strengthen their knowledge, self-confidence, and develop a positive attitude toward math.

Study Plan for Smartick Math

They work on mental calculation, arithmetic, geometry, and problem solving.
It's the language of the future! They work on the fundamental aspects of programming language.
They learn reasoning and problem solving by developing critical thinking.
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Results Guaranteed
Children from over 100 countries are future-proofing their career as they learn with Smartick.
of children have improved their
school grades in math.
of children have improved their
calculation, logic, and problem-solving skills.


Mother of 2 kids
“It's a beautiful argument to have: who gets to do math that day.”
Dr. Barbara Oakley
Prof. at Oakland University
“Smartick is an intelligent, sophisticated program that individually targets each student's own needs.”
Mother of 1 child
“The most interesting aspect about Smartick is that it adapts. It challenges your child to learn more each day.”
The Smartick method helps children develop study habits that will carry them through life.
Without help from parents
Only 15 minutes a day
Artificial Intelligence
Smartick features interactive tutorials and guided exercises to introduce new concepts.
With concentration and content tailored to their abilities, they maximize their potential.
Smartick designs a personalized session for each child. They move at their own pace while staying motivated.


We have an excellent Pedagogical Support Team to answer them.

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