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Would You Like to Increase the Probability of Passing Your Math Exams?

In this post, we are going to learn probability in a very simple way and we will give you a foolproof trick to pass your math exam!

What is the probability that you will eat spaghetti or salad? If you throw a coin, that it will land heads or tails? Or that you will roll 2 on a die?

The possibility that something will happen or not is what we know as probability.

The outcomes can be:

  • Possibilities
  • Impossibilities
  • Insurance – what we are sure of.

We are going to explain with some examples.

You find this menu in a restaurant

probabilityIt is possible that you will eat salmon, beef, or chocolate mousse, but it is impossible that you will eat pizza, hamburgers, or ice cream because they are not on the menu and I am sure that you will get something to eat.

Mathematics is a language and we can write the odds as fractions, decimals, or percentages.

Tossing a coin

Tossing a coin, the odds that it will land ”heads” is one in two since there are only two possible results. We express it as:

  • As a fraction: 1/2 (a half).
  • If we complete this division problem we get a decimal: 0.50
  • And if we multiply it by 100 we will see the percentage, which means that we have a 50% chance that it will be heads or tails.

Throwing dice

Something similar happens with the example including dice. It is 1/6 possible to roll a 2, or 0.167 expressed as a decimal and 16.7% as a percentage.

If you would like to practice probability, you can try this decimal dice.


However, in reality, many events do not depend on probability, but on certain factors and conditions. Therefore, the great trick to help you pass your math exam is: complete your daily sessions with Smartick!, study, participate in class, eat healthily, and rest. If you follow this advice it is like you’ve rigged a coin or die before throwing it because you know beforehand that the result will be in your favor.

“Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good. It’s the thing you do that makes you good.” – Malcolm Gladwell

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