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Mental Calculation: Addition by Breaking Up

In this post, we are going to learn an addition mental calculation strategy in order to be able to add two numbers, breaking them up into hundreds, tens, ones, etc. We can do this by breaking up just one number or breaking up both of them.


Breaking up one number for addition:

It’s very simple, so let’s look at an example:

35 + 48

The first thing is to break up one of the two numbers into tens and ones:

48 = 40 + 8

Now, we add the tens to the first number, and after, the units:

35 + 40 + 8 = 75 + 8 = 83

Therefore, 35 + 48 = 83

Breaking up two numbers for addition:

Now, we will break up both numbers in the same way as before, and add the tens and the ones. Here is an example:

22 + 36

We break up the two numbers into tens and ones:

22 = 20 + 2

36 = 30 + 6

Now, we add the two tens together and then the two ones:

20 + 30 = 50

2 + 6 = 8

Finally, we add the sum of the tens sum and the sum of the ones:

50 + 8 = 58

Therefore, 22 + 36 = 58

We have seen two examples with double-digit numbers, but this addition can also be applied to bigger numbers.

For example: 165 + 246

Let’s add by only breaking up one number:

165 + 200 + 40 + 6

365 + 40 + 6

405 + 6


That concludes today’s post.

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